The Portland Track Innovation Project is back for 2019. We like to think we’ve staged some creative takes on track and field over the years but we are always excited about new possibilities. Last year we invited all of you to join us in testing your own passion projects and moonshots at the Portland Track Festival.  You responded and with a wide range of entries covering aspects of competition, technology, journalism, and fashion.  We selected three projects and provided financial support to execute the projects. Read below for a retrospective from our 2018 winners.  

In 2019, we invite you again to bring your projects to the Portland Track Festival where you will have access to athletes, fans, and the beautiful Lewis and Clark facility to apply your vision. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or organization, it doesn’t matter, we are interested. Your idea can be fully developed or just a goal. We can help you get started. Apply using the 2019 Application form above.

Portland Track Innovation Project Timeline

  • Application Window: January 14 - February 22

  • Projects Awarded: March 4

  • Grant Amount: Up to $2,000

postrun polo - 2018

sir walter Running | raleigh N.C.

Our friends from from Sir Walter Running brought sexy back to the track with the Post Run Polo - a marriage of North Carolina textile history and the aesthetic of the Northwest track scene.  With input from Portland athletes and technical insight from the Triangle's fabric experts Pat Price and Sandy Roberts introduced us to the Postrun Polo - apparel for victory.

Pat Price - Sir Walter Running

The Portland Track Innovation Project is something that we had a blast doing and are very thankful for the opportunity. The idea of the postrun polo is something that we had discussed at great length. In the South, it's quite humid in the summer and there's nothing worse than finishing up a run and sitting in your sweat. We wanted to created an article of clothing that meshed style and comfort in a way that stood out.

With this problem in mind, we developed the postrun polo, with the help of Portland Track. We first sought out advice from some local experts that work, and have built successful fashion companies. Then we looked out west to friends in the Portland area that are working in fashion to get their input and feedback. Once our initial research was complete, we sought out a Morganton, North Carolina based manufacturer to bring the dream to reality.

We went back and forth many times, working on details, and then brought a local manufacturer in Raleigh, NC in for finishing touches. The Portland Track Festival edition of the postrun polo was complete. We then lined two photoshoots, documented at to help show off the brand.

Then we shipped the finished product off to Portland, where winners from the Portland Track Festival woulve be given one of the finished products. We loved seeing multiple time Sir Walter Miler competitor, Stephanie Brown, take the win in the 1500 meters, and then don on the postrun polo in her FloTrack interview.

We have now made our second order for the postrun polo, that we intend to sell locally, and on our website, and are already gearing up for the Sir Walter Miler edition, that will be ready for our 2018 event on Friday, August 3rd.

The project has been a lot of fun, and we're very thankful for people like Portland Track that are truly helping others do cool things, for mutual benefit!”

Stephanie Brown + Postrun Polo

Stephanie Brown + Postrun Polo


take the bridge - 2018

miles and threads | Portland, O.R.
take the bridge | New york, ny


Portland running brand Miles and Threads collaborated with Take the Bridge bringing throwback road racing culture combined with a running crew mystique to Portland's Track Week.    

Derek Scott - Miles and Threads

“The Portland Track Innovation Project grant allowed me to host a new style of running event in Portland called Take the Bridge, which was done through care of my brand, Miles & Threads. The event company, Take the Bridge, is an organization of out of New York City who hosts small, informally organized bridge races, catering towards small fields, night racing and slings prize money to the winners. In hopes to introduce a new style of street racing in Portland, the Innovation Project grant allowed me to Partner with Take the Bridge and create the desired atmosphere for the night. We paired an existing Miles & Thread event called, Race the Train into the event as runners started the race off by going head to head with the train over the Tilikum Bridge. Prizes were given out to runners who successfully beat the train over the river. Race fields were capped at 20 men and 20 women who all raced together starting at 9:04pm, the exact time the train leaves the station. Runner's were able to choose their own route, but simply needed to complete two laps and 4.4 miles around the waterfront crossing the Tilikum and Hawthorne bridges. Prize money was given to the top finishers in each gender as well as a bonus for the leaders at the half way point. In line with the ethos of the innovation project, all race entries and grant money went back to the runners and the event. The finish line came complete with fans cheering and confetti cannons. An afterparty with prizes, a DJ and complimentary beers took place at a Miles & Threads pop-up shop within walking distance of the finish. In the end, the event allowed for runners and fans to experience a new race concept in Portland, enabled additional support of the elite running community through the offering of prize money and fostered a new relationship between Take the Bridge and Miles & Threads brand.”


on a line - overhead camera - 2018

ready go Productions | Portland, O.R.

Viewers of FloTrack's live stream of the PTF will get right down into the action with this overhead view provided by Ready Go Production's aerial camera. As the pack passes past the stands on each lap and as the kickers dig for line in the homestretch the overhead view will follow along and give you a true sense of the speed and competition you can't get with a stationary camera.