A 2:10 Marathoner Tackles the Four-Minute Mile / by Scott Bush

At the London Marathon last month, Portland's Ryan Vail finished tenth overall, running a new personal best of 2:10:57. After a marathon, professional runners generally take a little time off to heal their bodies and minds, then start to prepare for either a season of road racing or a season on the track. For Vail, it's time to hit the track again, with a goal to go and attack a sub-4 mile effort. We hope he'll accomplish the feat at this year's Portland Track Festival!

On the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister becoming the first man to break four minutes in the mile, here's what a sub-4 mile would mean to Vail:

I’ve never had the chance to challenge sub-4 in the mile. I think the last mile I ran was my freshman year at Big 12 indoors in the prelims. Going sub-4 means a lot to me, and it would be a huge box to check. Obviously it’s becoming a more common feat, but it still puts your name with elite company. Bigger than just breaking 4 minutes in the mile for me is doing it at the race immediately following breaking 2:11 in the marathon. I doubt many people have done that. We’ll see if I can get the wheels moving again after two consecutive marathons!