The 2nd Annual PTF Pop-Up Shop

If you are a fan of the major ball sports you can find all the fan gear you want at every turn - jerseys, books, movies, art...  It's everywhere.   We'd love to have that kind of access as track fans.

These items may be hard to find but there is some pretty cool stuff out there and we are doing our best to bring as much of it to our Second Annual Portland Track Festival Pop-Up shop.  The proceeds go back to the creators of this merch; we are just bringing it together for your enjoyment.  It's the kind of stuff we'd like to find if there was such a thing as a track and field store.  Here's a sampling of what you'll find:

ART:  The Pre:Stop (pictured) was created by the creative director for Runners World, Benjamen Purvis, for an article called That Pre Thing by our good friend Michael Heald of Portland .

ART: Forest Park Print by Open Studio Collective.  Artist Allison Bryan has created a gold-foil, letter press map of every runner's favorite Portland destination - Forest Park.  

VINTAGE: For the collector you'll find a 1980's Olympic Trial Tshirt, a 1970's Nike warmup , Cascade RunOff memorobilia, and lots of other one-of-a-kind finds

TEAM GEAR: Grab a tshirt from Oregon Track Club, Jacuzzi Boys AC, or High Performance West

RUN FAN SHOP: Ben Rosario's collection of fan gear will come out of retirement for this one weekend.  Pick up shirts from some of the legendary college programs like Colorado, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State.


Run Fast - Eat Slow, Shalane Flanagan
Like Father Like Son, Matt Centrowitz
Once a Runner
Running with the Buffaloes
Men of Oregon,  
Bowerman's Jogging

MORE: We've got a lot of stuff but we're willing to add to the collection.  Contact us if you're interested in sharing your new or vintage items.

PRE:STOP by Benjamen Purvis

PRE:STOP by Benjamen Purvis