Mt. SAC at Risk of Losing 2020 Olympic Trials

Two lawsuits are threatening to slow or stop the renovations of Mt. San Antonio College's Hilmer Lodge Stadium.  According to Ken Stone, a group of local residents represented as United Walnut Taxpayers claim the College is misusing bond measure funding to renovate the 1945 stadium that hosts the annual Mt. SAC Relays and is slated to host the 2020 Olympic Track and Field Trials, the first outside of Eugene since 2004.  But the projects approved by voters in Bond Measure RR described the stadium work to include "bleacher renovation" and not the $88 million project underway.  Members of United Walnut Taxpayers say they are not opposed to Mt. SAC hosting the Trials, but they are opposed to the misuse of taxpayer dollars that is being used to demolish and rebuild the stadium from scratch.