Should Hayward Field's East Grandstand Be Torn Down?

Our favorite place to sit at the University of Oregon's Hayward Field is the 5000 start line in the East Grandstand.  The cheap seats. The atmosphere is loose, it's where the athletes sit after they are done competing, and it's where you need to be to take splits for the 5k and steeple.  As a bonus you can take in the 1500m runners as they stride out before their races, you see the 200m sprinters preparing that explosive start, and the victory laps slow down a bit as the victors take the time for selfies and autographs for fans that crowd the front row. 

That's all about to change.  The latest plans for the renovation of Hayward Field as Eugene prepares for the 2021 IAAF World Championships includes tearing down the oldest part of the stadium - the East Grandstand.   It's not an easy choice.  Along with the changes to the historic grandstands, that were picked up and moved during the last expansion in 1987, the Bowerman Building and West Grandstand would also be demolished and removed.  .  

Plans should be revealed soon as the stadium is set to begin renovations following the 2018 collegiate season that includes the NCAA Championship June 7-9.

Check out the coverage of the renovations from the Eugene Register-Guard: