Pre’s Rock Memorial

student Design Competition

Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
— Steve Prefontaine


Pre’s Rock is a hard-to-find basalt outcropping on a hillside in Eugene, Oregon that was the site of Olympian, Steve “Pre” Prefontaine’s death on May 30, 1975. After a send-off party for a visiting Finnish track team Pre was winding through the tight turns of Skyline Blvd. when he encountered another car on the road and struck the outcropping, flipping his MG convertible. He could not be freed.

In 2020, thousands of Olympic hopefuls will return to the newly rebuilt Hayward Field in Eugene for a chance to follow in Pre’s footsteps and earn a trip to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Only a select few will make Team USA but nearly each of the athletes will make a pilgrimage to Pre’s Rock and honor an athlete who exemplified the go-for-broke ethos of champions.

Design competition participants will imagine a memorial for site of Pre’s fatal car crash that will bring visibility to the location, provide a safe refuge for visitors, and incorporate an interpretive element to recognize Steve Prefontaine’s history and legacy.


Registration: October - December 2019
Submission: May 2020
Awards: May 30, 2020


$4000 in prize money


Pres Rock - Actual.jpg